You can be a good director in your movie star planet

tricks for moviestar

Many games just entertain you when you are feeling stressed but few games like the movie star planet game helps you to learn many things from them where you can able to use those things in your practical life, if you liked that. This game would teach you and make you to take your own movie without the help of the others and you can able to decide and decorate all the things which ever you like in the game. You can also able to create your own charts and the game when you like and you may also earn your frames and the star coins when you had participated in this game.

  • You can able to earn coins only when the others see your movie and autograph when you had played those movie in your chat rooms.
  • You would start your level from the zero and when you do your best then you can able to go to the various different levels where you would enjoy with the different set up.
  • The star coins that you had collected in your game can be used for buying your own favorite cloths and the other things that is needed for taking a movie.

You can able to easily play this game when you had created your own account within few minutes by giving your user name and the passwords. It is not necessary for you to pay any money before starting your game and you can able to start your new movie by clicking on the new movie button in the moviestarplanet app.

Collect more stars as possible to become a star

You can able to watch your other friend’s movie before you are starting your new movie so that you can able to get a clear idea about the movie making. Once you had planned to start your own movie then you can able to dress up and style the boys and girls with the different environment which you want. You can able to select your own timeline bar through which you can able to set your each scene time and you can also able to set different timing for your different scenes.

After completing your movie then you can publish it out in the movie star so that you can able to earn star coins when you published and at the same time you must be careful because after you had published your film then you cannot make any changes. You can also able to get new friends in your movie star by using their usernames and you can also able to go to the different shops where you can able to buy all the things which ever you like from them. You can also have many things like the animations and the other places where you can able to make your own backgrounds and the other things easily. When you think hard to earn star coins then you can use your msp hacks to hack your coins.